7 Quick Instagram Marketing Tips


Why should a business Market on Instagram?

1. Reach a large audience:

First of all, you can reach a large audience. There are about 150 million users on Instagram. Show them not tell them. It’s all about visual. Show them your product don’t just tell them about it.

2. Feature your customer product:

Feature your customer, one of the greatest way to market your product, is to show how happy your customers are using them. People are more apt to believe live customers rather than what you tell them to believe.

3. Humanize your brand:

Humanize your brand. Show them more than just your products and services. Show them your culture, your values, and most importantly the people that make it all happen.

4. Go behind the scenes:

Go behind the scenes. Give your followers a sneak peak what it’s like behind the scenes of your products and brand. This shows them the reality of at all.

5. Promote Discount & Sales:

Make sure that you any discounts and sales that you were having at random to keep your audience looking back every so often to see if you are actually offering anything.

6. Contests:

An Instagram contests are the easiest way to get new followers and email subscribers through Instagram. Using a small price is always an incentive and more drive tons of more users to participate and share with their friends. There are several different types of an Instagram contest that can reach different goals, from simple like a two-minute contest to increase follower and photo likes.
Or to submission contest. Winners are selected based on boarding. Each has its own benefits. An Instagram contest is an excellent way to boost your social media marketing.

7. Deliver the Experience:

Lastly, make sure that you deliver the experience. Market not just your products but also your atmosphere of your store or restaurant or location. Show them through pictures the type of environment they can expect, make them want to stop by.

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