2 Instagram Tools Every Social Manager Should Use

Today I am going to share with you, my favorite Instagram apps for social media managers as marketers and Instagram account managers. It’s so important to be efficient and use tools that help boost your results. I’m going to tell you about two tools that you should be using to maximize results and deliver on your goals.

First I am going to show you what they are on Instagram, and then I am going to do a deep dive. The first one I want to introduce you to is iconosquare make sure you click in and follow them. The second one is social rank.


The first tool I want to bring your attention to is iconosquare; this is a tool that has been free for a while. I know it used to be paid now, but you can try it free for seven days. Paid version is under $30 totally worth it.

I am just going to travel with you through its tab, so you have an understanding of where everything is. First, you can look at your analytics the overview your community the content, the engagement, competitors, and hashtags. You can click in and manage your feed. You can track your Instagram campaigns, and you also can discover brands and influencers and also what they do on Instagram.

Personally, I don’t pay much attention to other tabs than comment tracker. I find comment tracker very easy to go into posts that I have made and respond to comments that have not been read questions which I might have. I find it simpler to do it on the desktop than on the mobile. And it’s just more efficient and useful and saves time, so time is money. This is my favorite feature. The 2nd feature I would like to tell you is If I am login as another account here, but my personal account is also linked. So I could log into my personal account and engage from the desktop as well so check out Iconosquare. It’s a great tool with a lot of data a lot of stats so that you really can have that information that you need to make the right decisions for your clients.

Social Rank

The second tool I want to bring your attention to is social rank. As you will login you will be able to see from the dashboard. It has nicely organized interface and if you scroll to the very bottom, check the about page because this explains to you how to use it for both Twitter and Instagram. So on Instagram you can segment your followers, and you can create custom lists, and you can export the data to a CSV file or PDF, and you can run campaigns from those lists.

That page really explains a lot so make sure you spend some time there you can log in by using Twitter, or you can sign in by using Instagram either way. So let me show you the tabs at the top, and when I first use social rank, they had fewer tabs. So they have clearly grown as a company, and I love that they are adding more features and the one that I like using frequently is the location. Whenever I buy active Instagram followers from any marketing company on the local basis, then I like to pull lists based on city-states or countries that I am traveling so that I can find people to reach out to who live nearby with so simply by okay. And they also have a lot more features so visit them much.


So having the right tools are critical to growing on the Instagram because when you have available the right technology, then you should use it because it’s developed to help you out.

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